Av. Villajoyosa, 65
Pol. Ind. La Alberca 03530 La Nucia, Alicante

We work EXCLUSIVELY with the brands:

Our company is called GROWSHOP HOLLAND. But this does not mean anything. It is just a trade name. The important thing is, who we represent. With whom we work EXCLUSIVELY.

We have done competitor studies. There is a lot of competition. But is there really?  Well, there is always, but you have to think about costs and results. Everyone claims that their products are the best, and that they give the best results.

So …… .. why does everyone always change? It’s very simple: because the cultivator is not happy with the final result.

You want to know more?

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We are proud ambassadors of the GROW & BLOW and HOLLAND SOIL brands in Spain. We do not work with anyone else. Why not ?

  • Because we know their products.
  • Because we know its results, in professional cultivation.
  • Because we know the «competition», who «advises», in a scandalous way.
  • Because once you used our products, you will never change.
  • Risk? > Yes, could be! Do you trust or not? You only have to try it once.

Their website is: www.hollandsoil.com. Check it out. Look what it has, look at its facilities, look at everything. We are their representative in the area of Alicante / Denia / Marina Baixa / Benidorm / La Nucia / etc. Please check it out. There is no secret.